Seamless Gutters Installation in Raleigh, NC

Roofing and repairs are just the beginning of what we handle at Luna Restoration. We also put the finishing touches on your home with our seamless gutters. These special rain gutters are custom-fitted to your house and are proven to prevent leaks where traditional gutters fail.

Many people have questions about seamless gutters, which is why we’ve put together a brief FAQ section below.

Seamless Gutters by Luna Restoration – Customer Questions

Seamless gutters vs. traditional gutters: What’s the difference?
Standard gutters, or sectional gutters, like the kind you might get at a home improvement store (think Lowe’s or Home Depot), come in pre-cut lengths. They are connected by flimsy, snap-in connectors, which leaves a seam at regular intervals along the side of your house. These seams might hold out for a couple of years, but they can easily leak and cause water damage to your roof or walls.

Seamless gutters don’t suffer from that problem. When you call our service, your gutters will be tailored to your house and fabricated on site. They’re attached to your house via a system of concealed hangers that we screw into the exterior. The result is a stronger, more durable system that looks better than traditional gutters.

With our high-quality seamless gutters, you’re not only protecting your house from leaks, you’re also raising your curb appeal.

Q What are seamless gutters made of?
A The material is actually your choice. Copper, aluminum, and steel are our most popular options, but we’re happy to discuss this with you based on what will be the best fit for your home.

Q What colors do seamless gutters come in?
A All kinds. The beauty of making custom gutters for your house is we can also match or complement your existing color scheme.

Q How much do seamless gutters cost?
A The price of installation is determined on a case by case basis. If you can tell us the total length in feet of the sections of your house that need gutters, it will help us give you an estimate. Regardless of the cost, we’re confident seamless gutters are worth the investment. You can save yourself from having to make hugely expensive repairs to water damaged siding.

Q Are my gutters covered under warranty?
A The gutters themselves are covered under a manufacturer’s warranty. Workmanship by Luna Restoration is guaranteed for 5 years. Our business depends on your satisfaction, our customers, and we are willing to stand by our quality products and services to prove it.

As with our roofing, siding, and repair services, we’re available 7 days a week to discuss seamless gutter installation for your home. We’re proud to serve customers in the greater Raleigh area. Call Luna Restoration today if you would like a free estimate.


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