Benefit from Luna Restoration’s Services in Raleigh

At Luna Restoration LLC, we provide a number of services that are vital to maintaining the quality and condition of your home or business. That’s because our team recognizes the value of curb appeal, whether it’s to attract new customers or be the envy of your neighbors. But there’s a much more significant factor that you should consider when deciding on whether or not a project requires expert assistance.


The age and condition of your residential or commercial property greatly influence its value. That means any work performed to freshen or upgrade the character of your house or building helps you preserve the potential of its worth on the market.

Our Specific Services Are Offered in Raleigh, North Carolina

The exact services we provide to the Raleigh-Durham area range from painting to roof installation, including interior and exterior work for both residences and businesses.

  • Commercial gutter installation to help prevent a host of problems, such as roof and structural damage.
  • Commercial roofing and residential roofing that include installation, repair, and maintenance.
  • •Exterior painting and interior painting that utilizes proper techniques for best results.
  • Siding to help augment the physical appeal of the property.
  • •Seamless gutters for a more subtle approach for protecting your home or business from water damage.

We encourage you to explore our website and learn more about all of these services more in-depth. If you know that you’re ready for the expertise and care that Luna Restoration LLC offers, then get a free estimate scheduled today!


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The professionals at Luna Restoration provide roofing services for your home or business. Whether you need a roof installed, repairs, or replaced, our team uses expertise and experience coupled with high-quality tools to get the job done correctly.


The look of the interior and exterior of your residence or enterprise is often a thing of pride. And you want it to look immaculate; fortunately, we can help. Our expert painters can refresh your property on the outside and/or inside to make an incredible first impression to guests or potential customers.


You may not realize it, but gutters play an essential part of protecting your business against serious damage. That’s why we install quality gutters at an affordable price, protecting your commercial property from succumbing to extreme and costly issues caused by rainwater.

Commercial Work

Running a business can be difficult. It can also be incredibly rewarding. Our team offers expertise and precision in all commercial work we perform in an effort to optimize the look, feel, and safety of your business—on the outside or inside.


It’s important to many homeowners and entrepreneurs that their property looks updated. Our team at Luna Restoration can revitalize your home or business with new colors or energy-efficient materials that will both save you money and make your property more aesthetically appealing.

Residential Work

Owning a home almost feels like a job in itself. There’s maintenance, chores, and upgrades that you want finished. Allow our experts to help you with some essential work, such as siding, gutters, painting, and roofing. We can complete the difficult jobs with efficiency and precision, giving you the peace of mind every homeowner deserves.